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Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship

Young people today feel increased fear, anxiety and growing pessimism about the future. Millennials, who make up over 23% of the U.S. population, may be the first generation to make less than their parents due to lower incomes, more debt and higher poverty rates.

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Critical problem: 1. 22% of college and 56% of high school grads cannot find a satisfying job. 2. Millennials and their parents have not been taught the essential life skills needed to success in today’s society. 3. Limited or no funding available for Life Skill based education, such as Social Behavior, Art, Music, Financial Literacy, Credit Management, Entrepreneurship and Real Estate.

No Life Skills EQUALS failure and lost dreams

The Solution: Life Skill Education and Empowerment Prosperity Nation is a 501C3 Not-For-Profit that provides Life Skill based Learning Systems 1. Games that teach social behavior, financial literacy, credit management, real estate and entrepreneurship. 2. Prosperity Nation is offering 100,000 sales associate jobs to empower Millennials and others to take control of their future. Go to and get involved.

Our Vehicles for Communication and Engagement.

Prosperity Nation uses several platforms to effectively engage millions of youth across the nation.

Prosperityevents Event experiences we host throughout the year ranging from music concerts, black-tie formal fundraisers, awards and community events with our partners. They include the Prosperity Nation Concert Series and the Prosperity Nation 20 Under 20 Awards. Prosperitytalks An interactive conversation with music artists, celebrities, athletes and business leaders about their road to financial success. ProsperitytV Entertaining online programming and films designed to educate and inspire.
Prosperitybus Our Mobile Learning Center — an interactive experience designed to teach financial literacy and life skills. Also home to ProsperityTalks. Prosperityconnects Our network of mentors and advisors that help youth develop entrepreneurship and core business skills in group sessions. Prosperitygames Our suite of interactive games and mobile apps designed to teach financial literacy, entrepreneurship and business skills.

Ten Ways to Join Our Cause

Prosperity Nation welcomes your support as a sponsor, partner, mentor or donor in one of the many ways listed below. Contact [email protected] to participate.

1. Become a PN Donor (Corporate or Individual) 2. Become a PN Event or Concert Sponsor 3. Become a PN Marketing Associate 4. Become a PN Fundraiser 5. Become a PN Chapter
6. Become a PN Mentor 7. Become a PN Service Provider 8. Become a PN Media Partner 9. Join the PN Celebrity Endorsement Program 10. Become a ProsperityTALKS Member